Buying premium items and keeping your Conform-o-meter (the stars at the bottom left of your screen) high helps you to maximize the cash and XP bonus you get on the rent from your buildings and the jobs you give your characters. The conformity bonus is a maximum of 5%, so it’s easy to see. But if you have premium decorations in your town, it can be quite difficult to see the bonus impact unless you have a love of numbers and calculations. So, is there an easy way to work out what your current bonus multiplier actually is?

Yes, there is. The easiest way to do this is to pay close attention when you collect your rent at the Gulp ‘n’ Blow. Since it gives you exactly $100 without taking any bonus into account, anything you get above that is your bonus multiplier.

The screenshot shows the cash I collect from my Gulp ‘n’ Blow. As you can see, I currently collect $128 dollars on it. That means my bonus multiplier is running at 28% – and each time I tap to collect from a building or a character, I’m getting 28% above the going rate. (You’ll need to click on the picture and enlarge it to see the numbers in white – I collected on the XP first to make the numbers easier to see.)

See what yours is next time you collect. And, if you want to, let everyone know here.