Your guess is as good as mine. And that’s because, based on previous events, there is no reliable schedule.

The Halloween event finished a few days past the end of October, the Thanksgiving mini-event finished roughly on time, and the Christmas event was extended by more than a week to accommodate those who were unable to buy the various special characters and buildings due to a plethora of bugs and glitches. It finally wound up at a bit before midnight CST on January 10 in the US.

Will the Valentine’s event be extended? Given the low heart value of the buildings, I doubt it – and, honestly, I rather hope not. The end of the Valentine’s event is likely to be followed by an update that will hopefully fix the current set of bugs and glitches once and for all – and maybe add level 27. If Christmas is anything to go by, the update may not come right away, though. Once it comes, your hearts will probably disappear, too (again, based on previous events).

EA are still saying that the event ends on February 28. And there is no indication of what time that will be – which means that it could be in the morning or the late evening or even the next day. My guess, too, is that the subsequent update will be through the App Store for Apple users to remove the Valentine’s Day version – but that’s only a guess.