The answer to this question very much depends on whether you’re playing on an Apple or an Android device.

1. Apple Devices

The answer is different depending on whether you’re playing anonymously or through Origin. If you’re paying anonymously, you really shouldn’t let anyone else play on your device, otherwise you run the risk of losing your town.

So why play anonymously? If you and your friends play through an Origin account, then it’s certainly possible to share a device between two or more players. Nothing messes up with the game or with your Springfield. You’ll just need to hard-close the game and restart it to get the login screen so a different player can log in each time.

2. Android Devices

With no Origin on Android devices, two players on one device isn’t possible. And there’s currently no clear timeline for when Origin will arrive on Android.

EA announced back in August 2012 that it wanted to bring Origin to Android players, but there’s been radio silence since then. I suspect that the delay has much more to do with discussions between EA and Google than any technical considerations. I’ll keep looking for any news, though, and let you know as soon as I find anything.