An update just came through for the second time in the last 8 hours (thanks to dina for alerting me to this one). Again, nothing seems to have changed in the game, so perhaps this was to fix either the XP bar issue or the harp of death. Or perhaps this was to give everyone a clean update that didn’t crash their devices while it was loading.

There’s nothing on EA Answers or the official Facebook page to indicate what this second update might be for. So, please take a look for yourself. If you’ve had the harp of death or the XP bar issue (or the mysterious green screen) and it’s been fixed, please let us know.

The alternative, of course, is that it’s in preparation for the end of the Valentine’s event on Fenruary 28 and the something new we all expect to follow shortly after that. In which case, we’ll just need to wait and see…