As we all know, Springfield is home to its state’s largest self-sustaining tire fire. Burning since 1989 (according to some episodes) and now able to be smelled in 46 states, it really is a Springfield landmark. But is it a landmark that you want in your town?

So, as usual, here are a few reasons you might decide to buy it:

1. At just 40 donuts, the Tire Fire is a very affordable purchase.
2. It doesn’t take up a lot of room in your Springfield, though there is always the issue of where you put a burning heap of tires. This is made easier by the fact that its location in the series always seems to change. Mine is next to the Power Plant – may as well consolidate all the environmental damage in one location!
3. It contributes, very slightly, towards boosting your overall cash and XP with a 2% bonus.
4. The Tire Fire is one of Springfield’s most famous landmarks – you really couldn’t call your Springfield complete without it.

And here are a few reasons why you may pass on it:

1. It’s really just a decoration – it generates no regular cash or XP itself.
2. It’s one of the uglier pieces of property in the game (or I think it is, anyway – here’s a screenshot so you can judge for yourself):

3. None of your characters interacts with it in any way.
4. The bonus is kind of small – although it’s the standard rate for any 40 donut premium item.

So, the choice is yours – and if you’re on a donut budget, 40 donuts is really a choice between the Tire Fire, the Police Car, the Channel 6 News Van and the Burns Limo, all of which generate 2% cash and XP bonus. Of these, the Tire Fire would still be my first choice.