I seem to have missed covering this in all the Valentine’s posts, although I know it’s been mentioned in the comments section. However, it’s certainly a question worth addressing before the Valentine’s event ends some time on February 28.

Throughout the Valentine’s decoration quest, you received 10XP as a bonus every tine you placed a Valentine’s decoration as part of the quest. But this isn’t the end of the XP story – because XP also comes from the act of placing a decoration whether or not it’s part of the quest.

Valentine’s decorations earn well over the odds for XP. Subject to some variations for people who have a lot of premium items, you earn the same amount of XP as the heart cost. So, rose bushes earn a base of 10XP and the Choo-choo-choose me trains earn an attractive 100XP.

So, what are you going to do? Maximize your XP or grind your hearts for cash? And if you haven’t taken the poll yet, please make your choice so that you can see what everyone else is planning to do.