Has EA finally released the complete harp of death fix? A large update was just released a few moments ago and nothing else seems to have changed in the game (apart from removing Gil).

Those of you still having the problem should go on and take a look. And please let us know if anything has changed for you.

Update: To everyone posting that the update has crashed their device – yes, it’s crashed my iPhone 5 game as well. It went through fine on the iPad, but on my iPhone it crashes and forces a close. So far, deleting the app, shutting down the phone and re-downloading hasn’t worked. I’ll keep you updated on this.

Further Update: In after about 10 re-downloads of the game! Not the smoothest of updates – I had to delete the game and shut down my phone for a few minutes each time before downloading the game again.

Note: If you’re playing anonymously, deleting the game app will delete the data. If you have an Origin account, though, you can do this as many times as you need to without running the risk of losing your game. Here’s fingers crossed that Android players never experience this kind of problem!