Homer’s voice notifications have never been a problem for Apple users, but Android users are finding it very difficult to keep Homer quiet – particularly at work or in the middle of the night. I’m not an Android user, so Android-specific game questions are not easy for me to answer, but I’ll have a go on this one and would welcome any comments from people who are more familiar with Android devices than I am.

If you have Android 4.1 and above, turning off voice notifications is easy – you can disable them by going to Settings -> Apps -> Tapped Out and unchecking “show notifications”.

However, if you have a version earlier than 4.1, there is no box to uncheck, so it all gets a little more complex.

In that case, the suggestion from Android-using friends of mine is to look for a setting on your device that deals with “text-to-speech” output. On some devices, you’ll find this under Settings->Language and input->Text-to-speech output or under Settings->Accessibility->Text-to-speech output. Look for an option called “Driving mode” that says “Incoming calls and new notifications will be read out automatically” and turn it off. Once you’ve done that, Homer will no longer be waking you up in the middle of the night.

I hope that helps you get a good night’s sleep!