I mentioned this is an earlier post, but given the misunderstanding in the Facebook page (still in a very angry meltdown) and on the official forums, I thought it would be worth a post if it’s own.

It’s not related to whether you have iOs 6.1 or 6.2 and building the Wiggum House or El Chemistri are not the cause. Filling up your level 26 XP bar and hitting the bonus level seems to be the trigger – and this was clearly the case for people who experienced the problem before level 26 was released. Of course, it seems to often be the case that the XP from El Chemistri takes people over the top and into harp hell. But the harp sound seems to come from your game repeatedly hitting the bonus level and not able to get any further.

This problem doesn’t affect everyone, though. I was able to pass through on an iPad 2 with no problems (although some friends of mine weren’t so lucky).

There is a fix that has helped some people and rewarded them with donuts that you can find here. EA have also finally acknowledged the problem and you can see what they’re saying here.

Gil is due to leave at the end of the weekend, which means there is likely to be another update by then. Let’s hope the harp and Gil leave at the same time.