To everyone still suffering through the harp of death, there’s very little more to say today. Still no update and no fix (for the people who haven’t been able to get the fix suggested here to work for them).

Through Twitter, @AskEASupport only has this to say:

@AskEASupport: We are still waiting on word from the #TSTO Studio. When we have more info, we’ll update everyone with the information. Thanks.^EX

One step in the right direction, though, is that there is finally recognition of the problem on the EA Answers site, here, where a sticky was posted today addressing the issue. While it says very little more than we already know, it’s the first time that the problem has been officially addressed on EA’s problem-solving site. Here it is:

So, no solution yet – just more recognition from EA that a problem exists. And, hopefully that means a solution really is on the way.