The heart grinder is a really nice idea (the occasional donut would be great, though, but you can’t have everything). And it makes a lot of sense for players at the early stages of the game to grind their hearts into cash, because when you’re first building your town, cash is something you never seem to have enough of.

But what about level 26 players, particularly those who have plenty of cash already and for whom heart grinding would mean even more money than they can feasibly use? For them, heart grinding may not be the best option – and that’s because you hit the bonus level and the chance to win up to 3 donuts every time you fill up your XP bar.

Here are some thoughts from a couple of level 26 players. First, here’s Tine:

I might still go with buying and selling trains, as they offer XP when you place them. Money usually isn’t a problem in my game, so even if the trains sell cheaper – no biggie. XP on the other hand leads to bonus levels and *Hmm, donuts*… Difficult one!

And here’s what Jayneandhalo has to say:

If you buy the Valentines items you get XP in addition to the cash for selling it back… And if you’re in a level 26 grind for donuts… Hearts = donuts (in a very small amount)

You’ve got to agree that for cash-rich players at level 26, this approach makes a lot of sense. The choice is yours – you just need to make it before the event ends on February 28 and your hearts disappear forever!