Sorry to say that the Mapple Store is no longer available and hasn’t been since the Valentine’s Day update.

The Mapple Store was released as part of the December 2012 Christmas update, when you could buy it with Santa coins. When the Christmas event finished, it became a premium item that you could buy for donuts (150, I seem to remember). You could find it in the premium item store throughout January.

However, with the release of the Valentine’s Day update, it disappeared – and in all likelihood, it’s gone forever. There’s a good reason for this – at the same time as iOs players received the Valentine’s update, the game was launched on Android. And it probably isn’t a good idea to include something that makes a strong Apple reference when you’re trying to build an Android presence for the game. It really wouldn’t help EA in building relationships with new Tapped Out partners like Google and Samsung.

So, the Mapple Store is gone and probably gone for good as a building in the game. If you have it, though, it’s yours. Just don’t sell it, because you won’t be able to get it back.