Frink and his Lab have been on my list to write about for a while – but Gil’s current offer has finally made me get around to it.

Frink first appears in your Springfield as a visitor from another dimension to point you in the direction of Other Springfield, so it’s nice to have him as a permanent part of the game, even if it’s as a premium character. (That he returns as a character at all means that there’s also hope for Sideshow Bob.) He was among my first premium purchases and I’m still happy I have him.

Here, then, are some reasons why he’s worth your donuts:

1. A premium character and building combination is difficult to pass up – you get the rent bonus from the building and the XP and cash premium on Frink’s jobs, giving you the best of both worlds.
2. Frink’s Lab is a convenient size and shape, so it can fit easily into a town of any size.
3. He can carry out most of his tasks as soon as you place him in your game, making him a good purchase regardless of the level you’re at.
4. He’s a Mensa member, so you can have him hold meetings in the Gazebo with Lisa, Principal Skinner, Martin, and Comic Book Guy (and Sideshow Mel, too, if you have him) – that’s quite a brains trust. Of course, you’ll need to buy a Gazebo for this, but it’s a dollar purchase, not something you need donuts for.
5. He has a really cool flying machine for his 1-hour task, as you can see here:

6. If you buy him through Gil, Gil’s kids get to eat.

And here are a couple of reasons why not:

1. He costs about $US12 – which means that if you would think twice about a meal for 2 at McDonald’s, you probably should also stop yourself before spending your hard-earned real-world cash on a virtual item.
2. You can play the game perfectly well without him, as is the case with all the premium characters.

On balance, whether you buy him through Gil’s sale (which ends on February 24) or separately at 150 donuts, he’s a character worth having, particularly if you spend a lot of time playing Tapped Out!