Gil Gunderson, Springfield’s worst salesman, reappeared with yesterday’s update to ask you to buy the “Nerd Farm”. If you already have Frink and his lab, you won’t have seen his latest offer, though – Frink’s Lab, $50,000 cash, and a Homer Buddha for 250 donuts. So, is it worth it and should you do it?


First, Gil claims that you’re getting 490 donuts value for just 250 donuts – and he’s right: Frink’s Lab is 140 donuts, the Homer Buddha is 15 donuts, and $50,000 is 325 donuts when you buy each one separately. So, there’s no question that the deal is what Gil says it is. And while Frink’s Lab is a great addition to the game, the problems with the deal lie in the other elements.

The first problem with the deal is the Homer Buddha. It’s a risky item – and while it sometimes turns out some great characters or items, it can also give you picket fences, dumpsters, and Mystery Boxes containing non-premium items (you can read an earlier post on it here). If you feel lucky, it’s worth a shot – but if you’re risk averse, there are safer bets for your precious donuts.

The second problem is in using donuts to buy cash. At the earlier stages of the game, when it can take days and days to build up even a modest amount of cash, this can seem like a good idea. But why spend real world money on something you can get anyway with a bit of time and patience? And with the Heart Grinder giving everyone a cash boost at the moment, there’s even less reason to exchange donuts for cash.

If you’re very close to finishing the Valentine’s Day quest, though, you might consider Gil’s deal. The extra cash could come in useful if you need to buy the buildings prior to level 15 so that you can also get Sir Putt-a-lot’s before February 28, when the Valentine’s event finishes.