Today really should be known as Harp of Death Day. The official Facebook page is in meltdown and complaints are pouring in on Twitter. But today, for the first time, we’ve seen some kind of response from people at EA and from Origin.

First, there was Kristian Segerstrale, who has spent the day apologizing for this on Twitter as I wrote here. Lots of credit to him as he heads up EA Digital, rather than EA Mobile (so please don’t tweet him anymore about this as he seems to be on top of it).

Now there’s finally a response on Twitter through @OriginInsider. In answer to a harp of death question, they have this to say:

@OriginInsider: This is being investigated and the Simpsons Tapped Out team is working as quickly as possible to resolve it.

So, while there’s no fix for those still locked out of their games, at least there’s some hope. And finally, some kind of acknowledgement that there’s a problem for many loyal, Tapped-out loving players.

P.S. For those of you who haven’t experienced the problem, “the harp of death” refers to when the game freezes just before opening up, leaving the donut spinning and a harp/chime sound playing continuously. The problem only appears on iOs devices.