While today’s update didn’t fix the harp of death, it did introduce the Heart Grinder (I didn’t notice it at first – too busy blogging!)

What’s the Heart Grinder? Well, it turns your hearts into cash. For 20 hearts, you get a random amount of cash – $250, $500, $750, or $1,000. It’s unfortunately not an object that sits in your town, though. Instead, once you’ve paid your 20 hearts, you get a notification telling you how much cash has been ground out and that amount is automatically added to your total.

Where do you find it? Go into your Valentine’s event menu and you’ll see it, as the screenshot below shows:


Donuts would have been nice, but at least there’s a use for the hearts and a reason to visit friends. Now, maybe, I’ll be able to get the Escalator to Nowhere!