Tapped Out is a funny game. Like a small child, it demands your care and attention – and if it doesn’t get it, it acts up.

For example, sometimes those exclamation marks indicating new tasks appear right away and sometimes they take a few seconds to appear. So, if you collect money from your characters’ jobs and rush them into new jobs right away, you may not be giving the game enough time to generate the new tasks you need to progress. Also, if your characters are doing jobs that run for different amounts of time, they may not be ready to start a key task as soon as another character finishes the task that comes before it.

The best approach to collecting is to go through your town and collect all your money and XP first. Once you’ve done that, scan back through your town from where you began your collection and look for any exclamation marks. Then give your other characters jobs that go for about the same amount of time as the exclamation mark characters. That way, your new tasks should come up as soon as you need them to.

And if you’re really stuck, you can take a peek at the walkthrough page.