This walkthrough aims to get new players to level 15 before the Valentine’s Day event ends. You can read the previous part here.

We left off just after building the First Church of Springfield and unlocking Reverend Lovejoy. Make sure that Homer and Ned are free when the build finishes.

So, to find out what happens next, read on:

1. Passion of the Flanders Part 2 Homer and Ned attend church and Reverend Lovejoy gives a sermon – appropriately enough, all at the same time (12 hours – keep Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse free as they finish)
2. Passion of the Flanders Part 3 Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse all go to Sunday School (12 hours – keep Ned free as they finish; also keep Comic Book Guy doing any tasks that come up for him as he will need to have them done and be free once the kids have finished attending Sunday School to prompt the Java Server build)
3. Making up for Lost Time Ned goes to Church 3 times in a row (12 hours each time)
4. They Have Internet on Computers Now? Part 1 Comic Book Guy prompts you to build the Java Server ($26,500 and 24 hours – keep Comic Book Guy free as it finishes)
5. They Have Internet on Computers Now? Part 2 Comic Book Guy visits the Java Server (8 hours – keep Homer free as he finishes)
6. Is there an Al Coholic Here Part 1 Homer prompts the building of Moe’s Tavern ($32,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Homer and Midge… er… Marge – keep Homer free as it finishes)

This is followed by the last of the cutscenes (for now, at least) showing Homer and Marge being reunited. Here it is, as uploaded to YouTube by koetje31:

By now, you should well and truly be at level 15 and, if you’re playing the Valentine’s Day quest, able to build Sir Putt-a-lot’s (where Homer and Marge can go for a reunion snuggle).