Sorry, Android players, but you still can’t add friends for the moment – and that’s because you can only play locally rather than through Origin. You may be able to enjoy this feature of the game when the global rollout is complete at the end of February, but until then, you’re literally on your own. Unfortunately, EA probably won’t announce anything in advance, so it’s difficult to say exactly when you’ll be able to enjoy this feature. As soon as I find out anything, though, I’ll announce it here.

If it’s any comfort, when the game was first released on Apple devices, you couldn’t add friends beyond the range of the version you downloaded – for example a player in Germany couldn’t add a US player. Over time, this was fixed, and now international “add me” requests pose no problem.

By the way, another thing Android players can’t do is buy the Mapple Store. I wonder who insisted on that change – Apple or Google?