Like Barney and his Bowlarama, Krustylu Studios with Sideshow Mel was released as part of he Christmas update. Unlike Barney, Mel has always been a premium character and available for a not insignificant 140 donuts. While, he’s a purchase you should think about, he’s worth buying – and here’s why:

1. The studio is a great addition to the town and earns a fairly decent $150 and 17XP every 5 hours. And of course, Mel earns the regular 50% more than standard characters for each of his jobs.
2. Sideshow Mel has a quest, although a short one, that runs something like this:
a. Krusty’s Sidekick As soon as you have built his studio (24 hours), Sideshow Mel goes for rehearsals (1 hour)
b. Death of a Salesman After rehearsals, Sideshow Mel stoops to juggling (8 hours)
c. Taking the Bone Wanting to be taken seriously, he de-bones his hair (12 hours – and if you haven’t also bought a Cannon for 20 donuts, that’s where it ends; if you have bought one…)
d. The Human Cannon Ball Sideshow Mel fires himself from a Cannon (30 minutes and pretty funny)
3. Mel is a Mensa member, raising the IQ level of your town and letting you organize group meetings in the Gazebo (if you have one) involving him, Comic Book Guy, Principal Skinner, Martin, and Lisa.
4. Krusty would be lost without a sidekick (okay, he has the monkey, but it’s not the same, really).

And here are a couple of reasons you may decide not to buy him:

1. The studio is quite large, making it awkward to place if you’re short of land. Here’s a screenshot:

2. Unlike some of the other premium buildings, Krustylu Studios doesn’t add any extra tasks for any other characters.
3. For him to do his funniest task, you really need to spend another 20 donuts and buy a Cannon.

On a personal note, I like the studios and I’m glad I added Mel to the game. At 140 donuts, he’s a fun and not overly-expensive addition. And the Cannon was worth it, too!