This is the second part of a series of walkthroughs leading you towards unlocking Moe’s, together with Moe and Marge (level 15). You can read the first part here.

By this stage, you’ll be getting lots of random tasks that are not associated with the main quests. You should do these anyway to allow the task you are looking for to come up.

1. Just Like Mom Used to Make Making Willie have haggis is one of a couple of tasks that are likely to come up while the library is being built (8 hours)
2. Death by Squishee Making Bart and Milhouse shop at the Kwik-E-Mart is another (1 hour)
3. Quicky at the Kwik-E-Mart Making Skinner shop at the Kwik-E-Mart is yet another (1 hour)
4. My Glorious Return! Martin arrives and you’ll be asked to place Snapdragons so that he can carry out his first task, smelling the roses (snapdragons, actually, for 10 minutes – Bart should be free as he finishes)
5. Allies At Last! Pt. 1 Bart and Martin interact so that they can help each other – beginning with Martin riding a bike (8 hours)
6. Allies At Last! Part 2 Martin and Bart both study all night for meaningless test (24 hours – keep Principal Skinner free as they finish)
7. The Dungeon Keeper Part 1 Principal Skinner prompts Bart to go to school, presumably to do his meaningless test (6 hours)
8. Fun At Your Expense Bart and Martin both go and play paintball in the Brown House (2 hours)
9. The Dungeon Keeper Part 2 Bart prompts the building of the Android’s Dungeon ($30,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Comic Book Guy – you may get a Bart and Martin sleepover while it’s being built)
10. The Dungeon Keeper Part 3 Right away, Bart goes to loiter at the Android’s Dungeon (30 minutes – keep Lisa free as he finishes)
11. The New Evergreen Terrace Part 8 Lisa prompts you to build the Orange House ($24,500 and 24 hours – and not at all useful until you have Dr. Hibbert and he uses it to deal organs on the black market; keep Apu free as the build finishes)
12. Long Kwik-E-Shift Make Apu do a Kwik-E-Mart 12-hour shift
13. Nerds ‘R’ Us If you have a Gazebo, you’ll be asked to make Comic Book Guy attend a Mensa meeting (3 hours)
14. Let’s Stay Up All Night Watching TV Bart and Milhouse have a sleepover (24 hours)
15. A Quick Snack Between Snacks Comic Book Guy eats at Gulp ‘n’ Blow (1 hour)
16. An Apu’s Work is Never Done Apu works a 24-hour shift at the Kwik-E-Mart (keep Ned Flanders free as he finishes)
17. I’m a Super Hero Comic Book Guy does some cosplay (12 hours)
18. Passion of the Flanders Part 1 Ned prompts you to build the First Church of Springfield ($32,500 and 24 hours, unlocking Reverend Lovejoy)

To be continued…