The gluttony rating is one of the elements of your conformity bonus – and one of the easiest to get to 5 stars (you can open up your Conform-o-meter and check where you are by tapping on the stars at the bottom left of your main screen). You keep your gluttony rating high, and help to maximize your conformity bonus, by having enough restaurants for your town size. In fact anything that has a menu over it when you go to collect cash helps the gluttony rating.

Keeping it at the maximum was made a little easier by the Valentine’s Day update and the release of Phineas Q. Butterfat’s, and helped again with the release of El Chemistri at level 26. At higher levels you have the benefit of the full restaurant range – both Butterfat’s and El Chemistri, but also Gulp ‘n’ Blow, Krusty Burger, the Java Server, the Gilded Truffle, Luigi’s and Pimento Grove.

If you’re at a lower level or have a very large town, your choices for additional places to eat and keep your gluttony rating high are limited – but that’s why you can buy additional Krusty Burgers or Gulp ‘n’ Blows from level 12 on. So, how many of these do you need? Well, that depends on your land area – I have 2 Krusty Burgers and 3 Gulp ‘n’ Blows in addition to the other restaurants, and my gluttony rating stays high even when I buy more land. And that helps me keep the 5% bonus cash and XP I’ve grown to love.