The harp of death (the frozen game with the annoying harp/chime sound) has generated some comment in the past few hours or so – and a solution that may work for some people. This is what Tine suggests:

I’ve read reports of people that APPARENTLY have overcome the harp of death by just leaving it alone until it was all “harped out”. Means: Go to your device’s settings, disable the auto-lock (so that it doesn’t switch the screen of after some time), start your game and just leave it alone. After 15-20 minutes some people APPARENTLY managed to log back in, APPARENTLY some were send back to the ios home screen and had to start TSTO a second time before logging in…

This comment in a similar vein arrived from Brett in response to a different post at about the same time:

I got the harp sound and freezing donut on saturday afternoon and since then I tried everything I’ve read on the forums, including several (a lot) of attempts at leaving the harp sound and the freezing screen go on with no result other than the game crashing and going back to the home screen of the device (been using and iPad mini and an iPhone 4).

This morning I just tried again, I disabled the auto lock and left it there to be, it crashed a couple of times but the third time (I think) it started doing something different – it showed the Bart screen where it asks you to try reconnecting. I got it a few times in a row so I thought I had lost internet connection so I went to the weather app to check and the connection was ok. I went back to the game where the Bart screen was still on and this time when I hit reconnect it went back to the “Touch the screen”-screen, and when I hit it, it finally got into the game, got the donut presents thing once and then everything went normal, as of now…

Btw, I had the iPhone plugged in when this happened, just in case it has something to do.

And Josh said pretty much the same thing:

I turned off the sound and auto-lock and just let it sit. After about an hour I checked it and I was in with the bonus donut game up. The donut game kept repeating until it crashed again. I started it back up with no problem.

So, if the harp of death is stopping you from playing, why not try the approach suggested by Tine, Brett and Josh and see if it works for you, too.