First, for people new to the game, house-farming isn’t a crop option on Cletus’ farm. It’s what some players do when, for one reason or another, they decide to forego the town creation part of the game and instead try to collect as much cash as they can. The result is something that looks like this (not my town!):


There are lots of reasons why people house-farm. At the moment, a few of my friends are trying to build up cash quickly to buy the Escalator to Nowhere and the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper, so are doing some short-term house-farming. Others house-farm at the early stages of the game to generate enough cash to move through the game a little faster. And during the Christmas event, lots of houses meant lots of chances for your friends to collect Santa Coins, so house-farming was actually a very neighborly thing to do. (During the Valentine’s event, though, there’s little point as Be Mine cards are only appear over buildings that are associated with characters, and not over regular houses.)

I must admit that I’m a bit of a purist. I truly believe that designing your own Springfield (and sometimes re-designing it) is as much fun as collecting all the stuff. While I would never delete a friend who chose the house-farming route, I far prefer seeing how creative people have been.

What does everyone else think?