While waiting for El Chemistri to build (36 hours!), there’s plenty of time to explore Ralph’s tasks. At this stage, they’re a bit limited – he initially has no 2 or 4 hour tasks.

So, what exactly are they? Here’s a list for the benefit of those who still have to wait to unlock Ralph:

Eat a crayon sandwich – 1 hour
Go to school – 6 hours
Burn things – 8 hours
Celebrate his birthday again – 12 hours
Play Wiggle Puppy – 24 hours

Once El Chemistri is finished, Ralph has a 4-hour task to eat there (yes, I know it’s not a very “Ralph” task, but it makes sense in the context of the storyline.)

My favorite is the animation for celebrating his birthday again, where the Wiggum house lights up like the police station. The screenshot below doesn’t really capture it but should help you get the idea.