And you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone!

This is where my righteousness rating on my Conform-o-meter is right now, despite a couple of weeks of Chief Wiggum, Mayor Quimby and Snake engaging in some very shady (and often downright criminal) activities through their random tasks:


So, why hasn’t it dropped? The only thing that’s changed since the Valentine’s event is that I’ve had no graffiti in my town and that I’ve been collecting hearts and cash rather than defacing my friends’ public buildings.

At the start of the update, though, my righteousness rating was at one star – but it only took half a dozen of those currently very rare mops and buckets to move it back up to a full 5 stars. They’re rare, of course, because the public buildings (and Moe’s) all have Be Mine cards above them for most of the time – but at some point in the refresh cycle, the mops and buckets and spray cans appear (although I still have no idea when).

So, it seems, the prime mover of the righteousness rating, and maximizing your conformity bonus, is graffiti and cleaning it up. The criminal activities of your characters appears to have little or no impact.