Finishing the main Valentine’s quest and building Sir Putt-a-lot’s (before it either disappears forever or becomes a premium item) requires you to be at level 15. Now, having a lot of friends and visiting them all every day will help your XP bar fill up quickly, but you’ll also need to make progress towards that goal through standard gameplay – because to finish the quest you need Marge and Marge come together with Moe and his bar.

In my second game, though, I’m very close. My XP bar is at level 14 (and halfway to level 15), despite just having build Android’s Dungeon (a level 13 building). However, in this series of walkthroughs, I’ll take you all the way up to game level 15. It continues from the Control Building walkthrough, which you can find here.

1. You Didn’t See Anything, Understand? Burns should be free while the Control Building goes up so he can hide nuclear waste if he hasn’t done so already (8 hours – Homer and Burns need to be free as it finishes)
2. It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Part 4 Once the Control Building is in place, Homer goes to work at the Power Plant (16 hours and followed by a cut-scene reminding us that we’re still missing Bart and Marge – Burns should be free as he finishes)

3. Decimation Day! Burns fires a random employee (which only takes him 45 seconds)
4. Another Day, Another Million Dollars Burns runs the Plant (24 hours)
5. A Little Light Reading Burns reads from the Necronomicon (if you want to find out what that is, see here – 4 hours and keep Lisa and Milhouse free as he finishes.
6. Hey Look, It Floats! Homer lounges in the pool (this will probably come up after his power plant shift – don’t worry though, it’s Lisa and Milhouse that initiate the Bart unlock, not Homer)
7. Bart Crusoe Part 1 Because Milhouse either wants to spend time with Lisa or really has an idea where Bart is, Lisa and Milhouse go to school (6 hours each)
8. Bart Crusoe Part 2 Finally, you can build Bart’s Treehouse and unlock Bart ($25,000 – and this builds instantly; it’s followed by another cut-scene of Bart arriving and Homer collecting cash and XP a a result)

9. Bart Crusoe Part 3 Making up for lost time, Bart goes skateboarding (4 hours)
10. Skipping Rocks Still enjoying himself, Bart skips school (8 hours – keep Principal Skinner free as he finishes)
11. A Real Maverick Milhouse tries to fly his scale model perfectly level (while this may not interrupt the progress of the main storyline, don’t leave this out; you may also have a task appear to build a parking meter, so you should do this, too; however, if you’re asked to send Bart and Milhouse on a sleepover, you can probably wait until Principal Skinner initiates the library build)
12. Sanctus Arx Nerdarium In an interaction with Bart and Lisa, Principal Skinner prompts the building of Springfield Library ($20,500 and 24 hours, unlocking Martin – Skinner and Bart will need to be free as it finishes)

To be continued…

(Cut scenes uploaded by koetje31)