This post walks you through the Smithers quest, Executive Lackey, and takes you up to the end of the quest and unlocking the Wiggum House. It continues from the Hibbert level (level 24), which you can read here.

Remember that your XP may have taken you to level 25 faster than you have progressed through the tasks. You also need to have unlocked all the buildings prior to it on the list before Burns Manor will unlock.

Here, then is what happens during Executive Lackey:

1. Executive Lackey Part 1 Burns should have been free at the end of the previous level so he can tell Homer to work at plant (16 hours – keep Burns free as he finishes)
2. Executive Lackey Part 2 Wanting a rich man’s house, Burns initiates the building of Burns Manor ($120,500 and 24 hours to build, unlocking Smithers – but keep Burns free as he finishes to be safe)

3. Executive Lackey Part 3 Smithers checks mail at the post office (the first time a character has used this building – 4 hours and keep Comic Book Guy free as he finishes)
4. Executive Lackey Part 4 Smithers writes his Malibu Stacy newsletter (6 hours) then whips it (8 hours – these tasks can be done in either order, but keep Burns free as he finishes both of them)
5. Executive Lackey Part 5 Burns decides that he can doesn’t really need Smithers to run the plant, so Smithers becomes a hideous drunken wreck (he needs to do this twice at 12 hours each – keep Chief Wiggum free as he finishes for the second time)
6. Executive Lackey Part 6 Chief Wiggum makes Smithers sleep it off (24 hours – keep Burns free as Smithers sobers up)
7. Executive Lackey Part 7 Burns, who we now know has an enchanting musk, decides he needs Smithers to handle his laces and initiates a task for Smithers to attend an AA meeting (2 hours – keep Burns free as the meeting finishes)
8. Executive Lackey Part 8 Re-hired,Smithers exercises for Mr. Burns (this task has confused lots of people but Smithers and Burns simply need to be free at the same time and the screenshot below shows why – 1 hour and keep Principal Skinner free and Chief Wiggum, to be safe, as they finish to begin the next quest, which you can find here)