Back before the level 26 update, many people experienced the until then unusual combination of the game freezing just after the login page, while the donut continued to spin and their device payed an annoying harp-like sound. (I wrote about it here.) When the level 26 update arrived, the problem seemed to fix itself. Except now, a different set of players seem to be experiencing what has come to be known as “the harp of death”.

Earlier today, BuickBetty posted a comment on another page describing how she fixed the problem. Here’s what she says:

I got it to work again after about a day… [I]nstead of logging in, I hit cancel when it said I might have lost progress. Then, instead of trying to hit “tap to continue”, I went into the Origin area, where I could see my friends, then I hit the Origin button and logged in there. When I went back to the home screen it let me in. Maybe it’ll work for someone else?

I’ve included a screenshot below for you to see the screen she’s talking about.


So, if you’re experiencing the “harp of death”, give this a try. And let us both know whether it worked for you.