I haven’t posted about the Springfield Sign before, but given the number of searches on it that are hitting this blog, I thought it was about time.

At 170 donuts, the Springfield sign is kind of pricey for what’s essentially a decoration – and it was the cost that had me put off buying it until quite late in my premium item purchase history. But there are a couple of reasons why you should consider adding it to your Springfield:

1. It boosts your money and XP by 4.5%, as you can see here –


2. Honestly, what’s Springfield without the Springfield Sign? Just a pale imitation! (For me, this was enough to have me finally relent and buy it.)

And some reasons why you may decide not to:

1. No characters come with it.
2. By itself, it generates no regular income.
3. It takes up a lot of valuable land, as you can see in this screenshot –


I don’t regret buying it, but every time I collect my cash and XP, I can’t help thinking that it would be great if my Springfield Sign earned me a little money as well!