At the end of the Executive Lackey quest, you need to have Skinner free (and Chief Wiggum, too, to be safe) so he can kick things off for level 26.

So, here goes:

1. This Little Wiggy Part 1 Once Skinner and Chief Wiggum have finished their conversation, the Wiggum house unlocks and you’re prompted to build it by a Ralph face in your task book ($116,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Ralph – keep Mayor Quimby free as the building finishes)

2. This Little Wiggy Part 2 Ralph eats crayon sandwiches in a task initiated by Mayor Quimby (60 minutes – keep Comic Book Guy free as Ralph finishes)
3. This Little Wiggy Part 3 Comic Book Guy prompts you to build El Chemistri ($142,500 and 36 hours – keep Lisa, Chief Wiggum, and Ralph free as building finishes)
4. This Little Wiggy Part 4 – Lisa prompts Chief Wiggum and Ralph to eat at El Chemistri (4 hours – keep Lisa free)
5. This Little Wiggy Part 5 Ralph prompts Lisa to work on her blog (24 hours – keep Kent Brockman free as she finishes)
6. This Little Wiggy Part 6 Brockman does an undercover report (24 hours – keep Chief Wiggum free as he finishes)
7. This Little Wiggy Part 7 Ralph plays Wiggle Puppy (24 hours – keep Nelson free as he finishes)
8. This Little Wiggy Part 8 Nelson and Ralph go to school (6 hours each – keep Reverend Lovejoy free as they finish as he begins the level 27 quests)

And there, it seems, the This Little Wiggy quest ends. If there’s anything else, I’ll post an update. Remember, though – keep your donuts and avoid doing what my friend did and speeding through the quest!