Level 24 seems to have caused problems for quite a few people. That’s because it involves lots of characters, any one of whom can get caught up in random tasks that don’t progress the main quest. To help you get all your characters and tasks synchronized, here’s what’s supposed to happen. As you read through, remember my regular advice that all the tasks need to be done in order and that all the buildings before Hibbert’s Family Practice and the Hospital need to have been unlocked before any of this can take place in your game:

1. Hahahahaha Sucker Principal Skinner kicks off this quest as Bart finishes skipping school. Deciding that Bart needs to visit the doctor, he prompts you to build the Hibbert Family Practice ($75,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Dr. Hibbert – keep Bart free as the building finishes)
2. Bart’s Checkup Bart goes for a checkup (10 minutes)
3. General Practice Dr. Hibbert practices medicine (12 hours – keep Grampa Simpson free as he finishes)
4. My Pills! Grampa goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Cletus free as he finishes)
5. The Cletus Condition Cletus goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Luigi free as he finishes)
6. Luigi’s Growing Problem Luigi goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Mayor Quimby free as he finishes)
7. Mayorital Difficulties Mayor Quimby goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Burns free as he finishes)
8. Medical Industry Corruption Hearing suggestions that all these problems may arise from nuclear contamination, Burns hides nuclear waste (8 hours – keep Hibbert free as he finishes)
9. Grey Matter Losing business because Burns cancels health insurance for plant employees, Hibbert deals organs on the black market (finally, a use for the Orange House – 4 hours and keep Kent Brockman free when he finishes)
10. Kent Afford It Because only rich guys can afford doctors now, Kent Brockman goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Hibbert free as he finishes)
11. Corporate Sponsor Searching for new sources of income, Dr. Hibbert sacrifices his principles in a drug company uniform (6 hours – keep Kent Brockman and Krusty free as he finishes)
12. Show Biz Life The rich guys, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, and Krusty dine together at the Gilded Truffle (2 hours)
13. Kramp Krusty Krusty promotes a new product (not a random task but part of the storyline – 8 hours and keep Homer, Comic Book Guy and Chief Wiggum free as he finishes)
14. The Flavormax Homer, Chief Wiggum,and Comic Book Guy all go to try the new burger at Krusty Burger (30 minutes each)
15. Business Is Picking Up The new burger causes Dr. Hibbert’s business to pick up – Homer, Chief Wiggum, and Comic Book Guy all need to go for a checkup (10 minutes each – Dr. Hibbert needs to be free as they finish)
16. General Hospital Dr. Hibbert prompts you to build Springfield General Hospital ($91,500 and 24 hours – keep Hibbert free as the building finishes)
17. Operation! Dr. Hibbert performs surgery (24 hours)
18. Such a Beautiful Day Dr. Hibbert does surgery outdoors (1 hour – keep Homer and Burns free as he finishes ready for the next level)