I’ve been looking at the search terms hitting my blog today through Google and one set of terms is surprisingly common given that it’s just 24 hours since the level 26 update. And that’s “simpsons tapped out level 27”.

Level 26 has only just arrived and there probably won’t be a level 27 until mid-March at least (unless EA have a couple more surprises up their sleeves). That’s been the usual gap between levels since September 2012.

With that in mind, my best advice would be to relax and enjoy level 26. However much you may be tempted, don’t use donuts to speed up tasks because once they’re done, they’re done and from then on it’s a really long wait. Take the scenic route rather than the expressway and enjoy the ride. And remember, too, there are still rumors (only rumors, though) of an end-of-Valentine’s event and something happening at Easter.