El Chemistri, like Pimento Grove, is one of Springfield’s fine-dining restaurants. It first appeared in the episode “The Three Mouthketeers” when Marge, Bart and Lisa were invited to dine there for their food blog.

Molecular gastronomy is the order of the day at El Chemistri, and the menu includes:
– Deconstructed Cesar Salad, where each element comes in its own test tube and has to be consumed in a strict order.
– Pork Chops 100 Ways – 100 tiny pork chops served on a 3-storey platform.
– Apple Pie Ball – a slice of apple pie rolled into a ball and served in a bag woven from the silk from a spider fed on blueberries.

In the game, El Chemistri costs $214,000 and takes 36 hours to build. Unlike Pimento Grove, the build is part of a quest – part 3 of This Little Wiggy. Comic Book Guy prompts the build once Ralph has finished eating crayons. And as you’ll see once the build has finished, it’s also different from Pimento Grove in that at least two of your characters get to eat there!