The Wiggum House will unlock only if you’ve already unlocked all the buildings and characters that come before it on the building list. Remember that even if your XP bar tells you that you’re at level 26, if you haven’t done that then you’re really at a lower level for the purposes of the game. For example, although your XP bars says you’re at level 26, if you’ve only just built the hospital, your real game level is 24. This variation between the XP level and the game level often happens to people who check into their game a lot and visit lots of friends – the XP bar levels them up faster than the game does.

So, which character unlocks the Wiggum House? The honor goes to Principal Skinner, who will need to be free at the end of
the Executive Lackey series of tasks. In a conversation he initiates with Chief Wiggum, Skinner complains about seeing a pantless vagrant every morning – and he means the Chief. Wiggum complains that he has nowhere to sleep – he can’t break into the Brown House because he’s a police officer and he can’t sleep at the police station because it’s full of criminals. Skinner suggests that he needs to build a house – after all, even Willie has his shack.

This conversation opens This Little Wiggy Part 1, and lets you buy and build the Wiggum House for $175,000. It also puts Ralph’s face into your task book for the first time, letting you know that he’ll arrive when the building is finished.