A couple of days ago, I posted about why it was a good idea to continue collecting hearts and leaving Valentines, even if you and your friends have all the Valentines stuff you need. You can see that post at http://tstotips.com/2013/02/14/whats-the-point-of-collecting-hearts-my-friends-and-i-have-all-the-valentines-stuff-we-need/.

One person commenting anonymously overnight suggested another reason: you can use your hearts to buy lots and lots of the Choo-choo-choose Me trains and then sell them back for $1000 each. It’s a really good idea and one I hadn’t thought of. And a great idea given that the level 26 update has given you the Wiggum House and El Chemistri to save for.

Hold off spending those hearts until at least the 24th, though. By then we should know if any kind of hearts for donuts deal is on the way.