Good question – after all, there are only so many rose bushes you would seriously want to buy and the hammocks and planters are hardly subtle enough to want more than one or two of each. And you can’t give your hearts away to friends who don’t have enough.

The answer depends on how much you believe the rumors. There’s a suggestion – and I have to stress that it’s only a suggestion – that there will be something at the end of the Valentine’s event that will let you trade in your hearts. Possibly for donuts, but possibly for something else. I stress, too, that nothing has been confirmed by EA as they’re not in the habit of giving these things away in advance. But, based on how the Christmas event ended, the rumors are entirely reasonable.

So, what should you do in the meantime? Keep collecting Be Mine cards, at least in the Springfields of people who send you Valentines. If you have a lot of friends, balance collecting cash and collecting hearts (after all, there are a couple of really expensive things to buy now). And keep your fingers crossed that something special happens before the Valentine’s event is over.