This walkthrough continues from Unlocking the control building (part 1).

For those doing the Valentine’s Quest, it’s important to remember that you only unlock buildings and characters in the main quest – so, if you haven’t unlocked the Control Building following all the steps in the walkthrough here, Homer won’t be able to go and earn the money to buy flowers at Howard’s Flowers.

So, you’ve just built the White House (where Dr. Hibbert will later attend Republican meetings). Homer needs to be free as it finishes. What next?:

1. Book Worm Lisa reads a book again
2. Krusty Burger Heavy User Part 1 Homer eats at Krusty Burger (this is only a 30-minute task)
3. Krusty Burger Heavy User Part 2 Homer eats at Krusty Burger again
4. Krusty Burger Heavy User Part 3 Wanting a bit of a change of pace, Homer prompts you to build a Gulp ‘n’ Blow ($13,500 and 24 hours but no new characters are unlocked – keep Skinner, Lisa, and Milhouse free as it finishes)
5. Schoolhouse Crock Part 1 Skinner acts as the school crossing guard (4 hours)
6. Let Yer Hillbillies be Hillbillies Cletus brews moonshine (24 hours – note that this is a task, not the crop)
7. Schoolhouse Crock Part 2 Lisa goes to school and so does Milhouse (6 hours)
8. Schoolhouse Crock Part 3 Skinner monitors the halls (12 hours)
9. It’s Not Easy Being Green II Plant a tree / plant a shrub (initiated by Lisa)
10. Schoolhouse Crock Part 4 Skinner prompts you to build Willie’s Shack ($12,000 and 24 hours – Willie unlocks when the build is finished)
11. All Eyes on Krusty Krusty comes to terms with his own status as a B-character by holding an exclamation mark over his head to inflate his own importance (6 hours)
12. Monkeys Need Exercise Too! Krusty walks Mr. Teeny (12 hours)
13. Schoolhouse Crock Part 5 Willie waxes the school’s floors (24 hours)
14. Is It Even Autumn? Willie rakes leaves (12 hours – keep Apu, Homer, and Lisa free as Willie finishes)
15. It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Part 1 In an interaction with Homer and Lisa, Apu prompts the building the Cooling Towers at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant ($15,000 and 24 hours – unlocking Mr Burns)
15. It’s Pronounced Nu-cular Part 2 As soon as the Cooling Towers finish, Burns prompts the building of the Reactor Core ($18,500 and 24 hours – keep Burns free as it finishes)
16. Release the Hounds Mr. Burns walks the hounds (12 hours)
17. Quicky at the Kwik-E Lisa shops at the Kwik-E-Mart (1 hour)
18. It’s Either This or a Bath Cletus de-louses the young-uns again (4 hours)
19. It’s Pronounced Nu-Cular Part 3 Burns prompts the building of the Control Building ($15,000 and 24 hours – keep Burns and Homer free as it finishes)

So, now you have the Control Building. The next part of the walkthrough will take you up to Bart’s Treehouse.