The Valentine’s Day seems to have had one unintended consequence for the Conform-o-meter and your ability to keep your conformity bonus at the maximum 5%. And that’s the effect it’s had on your ability to move your righteousness rating.

Since the “Be Mine” cards have appeared over the school, the Town Hall, and Moe’s, adding graffiti to a building or cleaning it up has rarely been possible. And, for me that resulted in my righteousness rating dropping to zero. No matter how often I put Snake in jail, had Wiggum go undercover, or had Quimby write the book on ethics, I couldn’t seem to raise it. No graffiti had appeared in my town, either, so there was nothing to clean up. For the last 2 weeks my righteousness rating has stubbornly refused to budge.

But, it seems, somewhere in the card refresh cycle, the spray cans and the mops and buckets appear. They seem to be rare, though. In fact, I’ve only seen them in 3 towns in the last couple of days. Here’s a screenshot from one of my friends’ towns taken a short time ago:


And cleaning up graffiti in a couple of towns like this was all that was needed to move my righteousness rating back to the maximum. Here’s my Conform-o-meter a few moments ago:


So, my advice to anyone facing righteousness rating issues is to visit all your friends regularly and hunt down those elusive mops and buckets.