Barney’s Bowlarama was released as part of the Christmas 2012 update, when you could buy it for 250 Santa coins. Once the Christmas event was over, Barney, with his Bowlarama, became a premium character and available for 250 donuts. This made Barney the most expensive premium character in the store.

So, should you spend your donuts on him? I think so, and here’s why:

1. At the moment, he makes up a set all of his own – the Barflies. While the fact that this is a category augers well for the arrival of Lenny and Carl at some point in the future, you can complete the set and get the extra XP right now.
2. Barney’s Bowlarama gives you additional 16-hour quests for Homer and Ned to go bowling – quite possibly the longest game in history, but there you are.
3. Barney has his own storyline – for more, scroll to the end of this post.
4. The Bowlarama earns $105 and 11XP every 5 hours.
5. How could you have a Springfield without a Barney?

And the reasons why you shouldn’t (just to be fair and balanced):

1. He’s super expensive.

Okay, just one reason then.

To help you make your final decision, then, here’s his quest:

1. Wow! A Job! Barney becomes a pin monkey and Homer goes bowling
2. Blitzed and Confused Barney goes on a binge
3. Gimme Gimme Gimme A Drink After Midnight Barney sleeps in the gutter (you can have a bit of fun with this if you also have Fat Tony)
4. The Worst Day of my Life, Again! Barney sobers up
5. Moe Beer, Moe Problems It doesn’t last long as Barney goes for a drink at Moe’s

So, there you are – Barney’s quest and some reasons for buying him. No apologies for the bias, though – I’m a bit of a Barney fan.