This walkthrough continues from How do I get the van Houten House (part 1) and part 2. It takes you from building the van Houten House all the way up to building Springfield Elementary and the White House.

I haven’t indicated any levels here because the level at which a building or character unlocks is really a minimum level. You need to first complete all the tasks and quests that apply to the buildings that come before it on the list before you can unlock a particular building.

So, on with the walkthrough:

1. Extra, Extra! Place a newspaper dispenser
2. It’s Either This or a Bath Cletus de-louses the young-uns
3. The Best Chimp Drama On TV Homer watches Monkey Trauma Center Marathon (his 24-hour task)
4. The Greatest Joke Ever Heard Without a church, Ned holds emergency Bible studies at home (8 hours)
5. Thrillhouse Part 2 By now, the van Houten House should be finished and Milhouse unlocked. Lisa needs to be free as the build finishes so that she and Milhouse can both shop at the Kwik-E-Mart
6. Chillin’ With The Box Homer watches TV in the Brown House again (you may be asked to make him do this earlier or later depending on what he and the other characters have been doing)
7. Like Father, Like Son Milhouse looks for Puppy Goo-Goo (a cute little remote control car zips around the driveway while he does this – it only takes 10 minutes)
8. The New Evergreen Terrace Part 6 Lisa prompts the building of the Pink House ($3400 and 24 hours – this may happen as soon as she and Milhouse finish their visit to the Kwik-E-Mart)
9. Kwik-E-Shift Apu does a 4-hour shift at the Kwik-E-Mart
10. Mom, I Spilt My Drink In Bed Milhouse hides his wet bed sheets
11. Everyone Always Tells Me to Go Do This Milhouse flies a kite (his 8-hour task)
12. We Do Need Yes Education Part 1 This little play on the famous Pink Floyd song asks you to send Lisa to do next week’s homework (her 24-hour task leading to the building of the school)
13. Strut Your Stuff Ned power walks (4 hours)
14. We Do Need Yes Education Part 2 Lisa prompts the building of Springfield Elementary ($10,500 and 24 hours, unlocking Principal Skinner at the end of the build; keep Lisa free as the build finishes)
15. Back Alley Soufflé Build a dumpster and so that Cletus can dig through garbage
16. Looking for Doves in All the Wrong Places Lisa prompts you to plant trees (if you haven’t done so already) so you can Skinner can go bird-watching (his 24-hour task)
17. The New Evergreen Terrace Part 7 Lisa prompts you to build the White House ($7700 and 24 hours)

The next part will take you from the White House, through Willie’s Shack and the Gulp ‘n’ Blow and all the way up to the Control Building.