This one’s a little tricky, because the answer is both “yes” and “no”. I’ll explain what I mean later in the post. But first, here are some reasons why you should buy him:

1. At 60 donuts, he’s one of the more inexpensive premium characters.
2. He does his quests in Spanish, adding a little variety to the game.
3. Like all premium characters, he earns you more money and XP on his quests than standard characters do.
4. He has a secret that you only uncover in his quest.

Here are a couple of reasons why not:

1. He doesn’t have a building, which means that there is nothing to add to your town.
2. Apart from a conversation with Lisa, he doesn’t interact with any of your other characters.

And here are some reasons why you shouldn’t buy him too soon:

1. If you don’t have the Library, the Town Hall, or Channel 6, he’s limited to 30-minute and 1-hour tasks.
2. To open up his 4-hour task, you need the Library. This is the 3rd task in his quest and it can get a bit confusing. You see a message to get to level 12 and build the library. However, Bumblebee Man is not the character that prompts you to build the library (premium characters never prompt you to build the main buildings) – Skinner does in an interaction with Bart and Lisa, and this only happens if you have completed all the tasks that unlock all the buildings and characters that come before it on the list.
3. The next task in Bumblebee Man’s quest involves him commencing his divorce at the Town Hall. Again, although you get a message saying you need to reach level 20 and build the Town Hall, Bumblebee Man isn’t the prompt character for this (I wrote about this here) – Chief Wiggum is, following an interaction with Lisa. And, as with the Library, you’ll only be able to build it if you have completed all the tasks you need to unlock all the buildings that come before it on the list.
4. Bumblebee Man’s quest ends there, but you won’t be able to get a full task list for him until you unlock Channel 6.

So, that’s what I mean by “yes” and “no” – yes, you should buy him but not until you have unlocked the Library and the Town Hall in the main game.