In a question on the About this blog page, Angel reminded me of something I’ve been meaning to post about since the Valentine’s update came out.

Here’s her question:

“Before the valentine update, the amount of money collected from your friends towns would increase the more towns you visited. For example the first town would net you about $16 per building, but by the time you got to your 100th friend it was closer to $100 per building. This quit happening since the update. Any thoughts on when/if this will return?”

The friend bonus was a great way to earn extra cash – and if you had lots of friends with a lot of premium characters and buildings, you could push the bonus towards $200 or $300 a building if you had a bit of time to visit all of your friends all at once. The XP collected at an accelerated rate, too.

Unfortunately this was a glitch – albeit one of those very rare glitches in our favor. And it was “fixed” with the Valentine’s update, limiting us all to a measly $18 per building – which means that the friend bonus is probably gone for good.

While I’m a bit sad it’s gone, it did seem to have contributed to some of the frequent crashing we all experienced prior to the update. Now if EA could just fix some of the glitches that don’t work in our favor (the harp sound and the extreme XP at the end of the bonus level should be top candidates), then all would be right with the Tapped Out world.