First – what’s Pimento Grove? Well, it’s a fine dining restaurant in downtown Springfield owned by Fat Tony. It first appeared in the episode “A Fish Called Selma” and is apparently the restaurant of choice for many local and visiting celebrities, whose pictures line the walls.

In the game, it arrived as part of the level 25 update. What’s special about it from a game perspective is that you can unlock it as soon as you hit level 25 on XP. You don’t need to first unlock the buildings that come before it in the list – all you need to do is save up enough money. Currently, it costs $138,000 but the price is expected to come down to $112,00 when the level 26 update is eventually released.

Which makes it a shame that the answer to the second question is “none”. None of your characters, including the limited-time Fat Tony, ever go and eat there. So, Pimento Grove just sits there just making money and XP ($350 and 30XP every 24 hours). While this is not really a bad thing, it just seems a bit of a waste.

However, it could be that EA have plans for Pimento Grove in future updates. After all, the post office sat unused for a long time until Smithers arrived with his Malibu Stacy newsletter.