This is a fairly common issue (I went through it too), and it can be quite frustrating. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with your game – it’s just how it works for frequent players. So, in this post, I’ll give you some background on the inner workings of the game, and a walkthrough of what happens between building Krabappel’s Apartment and the next building, Channel 6.

If you play a lot and visit all your friends every day, your XP builds up very fast โ€“ and that can mean that your game level can rise faster than your task level. The problem is that most of the buildings only unlock when the whole series of tasks before them has been completed. For example, Channel 6 wonโ€™t unlock until the entire Edna storyline is complete.

So, that means that while your XP might tell you youโ€™re level 25, your real game level is level 22. To unlock those shaded buildings, then, you just have to do what you’ve been doing throughout the game – complete all the tasks in order.

At level 22, however, the tasks can feel like they go on forever – and this walkthrough shows you why. But first, to start off the level, Principal Skinner interacts with Willie to build the Krabappel Apartments after Bart and Lisa have finsihed after being sent to school. The Apartment will cost you $70,000 and will take 24 hours to build, unlocking Edna.

1. Once you’ve built her apartment, Edna teaches school (8 hours)
2. When she’s finished that, she teaches school, again (8 hours – keep Skinner free as she finishes)
3. Edna hosts detention (12 hours) while Skinner goes bird watching (24 hours – keep Edna free as he finishes)
4. Edna relaxes in the teachers’ lounge (1 hour – keep Ned free as she finishes)
5. Edna and Ned dine at Gilded Truffle (2 hours each – they don’t need to do this at the same time, but it’s nice if they do)
6. Edna takes a smoke break (10 minutes – keep Bart free as she finishes)
7. Bart skips school (8 hours – keep Edna free as he finishes)
8. As a result, Bart has to serve detention (6 hours) while Edna hosts detention (12 hours – keep both Bart and Lisa free as she finishes)
9. Edna goes on strike (24 hours) while Bart skateboards (4 hours) and Lisa does next week’s homework (24 hours – keep Bart and Marge free as Lisa and Edna finish)
10. Marge sends Bart and Lisa to Sunday School (12 hours each – keep Milhouse free as both Bart and Lisa finish)
11. Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse go to Sunday School (this is the second time for Bart and Lisa – 12 hours each)
12: Bart, Milhouse, and Martin have a sleep over in Bart’s Treehouse (24 hours each)
13. Bart, Milhouse, and Martin go to Library (24 hours each)
14: Bart breaks into the school’s CPU while Milhouse pulls the fire alarm (10 mins each – keep Chief Wiggum free as they finish)
15: Milhouse has to clean the school (he has to do this twice at 12 hours each – keep Edna free as he finishes for the second time)
16: Edna goes back and teaches class (8 hours – keep Mayor Quimby free as Edna finishes as he prompts the start if the next level)

So, there’s a lot to do at this level and many of the tasks are very long – which is why there can be a very long gap between building Krabappel’s Apartment and finally getting to Kent Brockman and Channel 6.