I wish I could answer that one. After all, since the accidental release at the end of January, we know Ralph and level 26 are on the way. As EA traditionally keep things very quiet until launch day, though, the best I can say is that Ralph Wiggum will be with us very, very soon (although one person posting a comment here has suggested that it could be as late as February 24).

So, what can you do until then? Well, keep playing, collecting hearts, and enjoying the game. And you can also take a look at this YouTube video of Ralphisms posted there by alasdairdavidstewart. It’ll make you want Ralph even more.

Update: the Wiggum House and Ralph, together with El Chemistri, were finally released for real on February 14. You can read about it at http://tstotips.com/2013/02/15/im-at-level-26-so-how-do-i-unlock-the-wiggum-house-and-ralph/