I thought I’d said everything there was to say about the Valentine’s Day event (and you can see how much there is in the Valentine’s Day FAQ at http://tstotips.com/valentines-day-update-faq/). But it turns out that there’s at least one more thing to say – and that’s about a problem that newer players are encountering.

If you’re a long-term player, with every building up to and including Moe’s Tavern, the Valentine’s Day storyline and the regular storylines interact really well. By that stage, you have all the buildings and characters you need to move briskly through the Valentine’s quest. All you really need to do is collect hearts – and if you have a lot of friends, that’s really easy to do.

The problem comes if you’re a new player. First, to progress beyond Lisa sending cards, you need Milhouse – and because you’re visiting friends every day, your XP will move you up through the levels at a much faster rate than you can complete the quests. In other words, your XP bar may tell you that you’re at level 9 but, based on your quest completion, you’re really at a lower level. That means that you will need to go back and focus on your regular tasks so that you can get the van Houten house and Milhouse (either Homer or Lisa initiate this).

The second problem comes when you need to send Homer to do a shift at the plant to pay for the expensive flowers from Howard’s Flowers. You can’t do this, of course, unless you have the Control Building (a task that Burns initiates). Again, you need to be at Level 11 to do this, and while your XP bar may say that you are, you may have more tasks to do and quests to complete before Burns tells you to build the control building.

Finally, to complete the Valentine’s Day quest, Homer needs to give the flowers to Marge and they both need to go to the golf castle at Sir Putt-a-lot’s for a “snuggle”. You can’t even see how many hearts it costs to build Sir Putt-a-lot’s until you reach level 15 on XP (it’s 50, by the way). But even if your XP bar tells you you’re at level 15, you won’t have Marge until you have Moe’s Tavern and you won’t have that until you have completed all the quests and built all the buildings that come before it. And that may take an extra level or two for the same XP level versus real level reason that has come up at every other stage of the story.

So, have patience, play every day (several times is better!) and you’ll advance along the main storyline far enough to also complete the Valentine’s Day quest.