A few people have come to this blog by Googling whether Shauna comes in the Mystery Love Boxes.

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be no. I bought a lot of these early on to test this out and all I got were hearts or decorations. I’ve also been checking message boards on the game to see whether anyone has lucked out and got Shauna from a Mystery Love Box, but I haven’t seen any reports of anyone claiming that they did.

So, it seems that the only way to get Shauna is to buy her. And if you really want to add her to your character collection, you’ll need to make your decision before February 28, when she’s currently scheduled to disappear.

To help weigh up whether you should spend 90 donuts on her, why not look at this post: http://tstotips.com/2013/02/03/who-is-shauna-and-should-i-spent-90-donuts-on-her/