The answer to that question is something only EA knows and they’re unlikely to share it with us until the very end of the Valentine’s event.

The event has been running for a week, but many people have finished the Valentine’s Day quest and bought all the buildings and just about all the rose bushes they need. Which means that there’s very little to spend those hearts on. So, it’s a natural question to ask.

EA seem to have a policy of saying almost nothing about what’s coming next until just before it actually arrives. They really like to maintain the element of surprise.

At the end of the Halloween event, when everyone was gathering candy, nothing happened – instead, the Thanksgiving event arrived. At the end of the Christmas event, we were all able to trade the coins we’d saved for stockings containing either reindeer or donuts. At the end of the Valentines event – well, we won’t know until February 28 when it finishes.

My advice – keep playing and if you have all the limited time decorations you want, save your hearts. They may be worth something at the end of Valentines or they may just disappear (and don’t be disappointed if they do). Prepare yourself either way because, based on previous events, we won’t know what happens until it actually happens.