If you’ve been playing the game for a while, this little “Easter Egg” hidden in the game from the very beginning is an easy one to forget – but here’s how you uncover it.

You’ve seen the Jebediah Springfield Statue on display in your friends’ towns and you’re probably wondering how to get it. After all, it isn’t for sale as a decoration, either for cash or donuts – and it doesn’t ever seem to come up in the Mystery Boxes or the Homer Buddhas.

It’s really easy to get. First you have to make sure that Homer is free. Start him on an easy job, like playing with his My Pad (and if that doesn’t work because it’s over too quickly, have Homer do any other outdoor task).


Then tap on Homer very quickly 10 times. He’ll laugh a lot and tell you to stop, and his task screen will come up – but keep going and don’t stop until you see something like the image below.


As you can see, you also get 10 free donuts – some of the very few free donuts in the game.

So where can you find the statue once you’ve tapped OK? It goes into your inventory and from there you can take it out and place it wherever you want to.